Michael – Group Financial Controller

Michael is a successful high flyer in a major international plc. He is technically very competent and his financial expertise is highly regarded at Board level. He came to coaching because he wanted to improve his impact and influence at senior level, and because he lacked confidence in some aspects of management.
Michael substantially improved his relationship with Board members, which was reflected in their feedback. He learned how to turn his ideas into a vision for his function, and he developed more confidence in dealing with his staff.
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Pauline – Director of Sales

Pauline works in a leading City bank and came to coaching as she was approaching the end of her MBA programme at Warwick Business School. She wanted to make a decision between a number of career options that were open to her within and outside the Bank. She wanted to take stock of her priorities and build her confidence to be successful in her own way. 
By the end of her coaching programme Pauline knew just what she wanted in her next role, and was keen to step up to a bigger and more responsible Director position.
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Richard – Managing Director, software company

Richard had left a major consulting practice at a senior level to set up his own specialised software consultancy business. It had been established for two years when he came to coaching. Richard was looking for support in developing his marketing and selling skills and also for a sounding board to discuss and reflect on his business strategy and plans.
Richard developed confidence in his own ability to win new customers and was able to dispense with his non technical salesman, so saving his salary and overheads. Turnover increased and he expanded into new market sectors.

David – UK Client Business Director, major IT company

David was responsible for the largest UK client in a major IT company. He was being fast tracked by his company but was not sure he was on the right track for himself. He also had concerns as to how he was managing his staff and particularly the poor performers.
David felt confident to step up to the next level of Global Client Business Director where he is now responsible for $320m turnover, and exceeded his targets last year. He has changed his communication and management style and has had positive feedback from his staff.