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Pattie helped me to

see my ‘blind spots’
and I feel much
more confident now
and able to share
my vision for the

Group Financial



Background and desired outcomes

Michael is a successful high flyer in a major international plc. He is technically outstanding and very highly regarded at Board level. He has a young family. His high level desired outcomes from the coaching process were to:

Increase his impact at Board level
Develop confidence in his management skills
Recognise his leadership style
Increase his capacity for strategic thinking

We had six two hour sessions over a period of 6 months. Initially, I conducted a 360 degree process with his superiors, peers andsubordinates and we used the outcome of this process together with his personal priorities as the basis of our work. I listened to what he said and noticed what he did not say; supported him and also challenged him when this felt appropriate. We worked always from specific examples and incidents that he was handling at the time, eg a disciplinary case, a Board presentation. Michael restructured his department during our time together and I coached him around his vision for the future and his impact in delivering it. I used a personal constructs exercise to look at his underlying values so he could better understand his drive and how he could connect with what really mattered to him. He really found this to be very helpful and developed a chart for himself going forward based on the output from this exercise.


Michael identified the following benefits from his coaching experience

A much better relationship with his Director. In particular Michael had developed the confidence to both articulate and share his vision for the role of the finance function, which led to his ideas being accepted with little alteration. He also agreed boundaries around working practices with his Director which had previously been unclear

The capacity to think more strategically and work with others to flesh out his ideas

More confidence in dealing sensitively with management issues, particularly regarding dealing with emotional situations, delegating effectively and giving feedback.

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