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I believe the benefits

of the process have
exceeded my
expectations. I have
a greater sense of
certainty and
confidence in key
areas including my
desires, preferences
and priorities.

Director of Sales



Background and desired outcomes

Pauline is a Director of Sales in a major City bank. When we started working together she was approaching the end of her MBA course at Warwick Business School. We contracted to work together for four sessions which she subsequently extended to six sessions.

Her key desired outcome at the start of our work together was to more fully express who she was; in practice this included getting more clarity as to what her next career move should be. She was very clear that she was ambitious and wanted to lead in her chosen field – she was not sure where this should be.


We started by exploring her current situation, how she felt about it, and what was important to her. Our process was flexible and we focussed on whatever was important to her when we met, but always keeping the overall goal in mind. Our discussions included her previous work experience and where she had felt most successful and satisfied; her life outside her work and how she liked to be in that world, her strengths, and her ambitions for the future.

I used a personal constructs exercise to help her establish her underlying values, and we explored how she could satisfy these in the workplace. I listened to what she said and noticed what she did not say, and worked on helping her to increase her level of consciousness so she could get more clarity for herself on what is right for her. I always supported her and sometimes challenged her. I offered feedback from my experience of her. After each session I sent her notes recording the session and adding any observations/intuition that may have come to me at a later stage. I always asked her to undertake some assignment between sessions to support her continuing development.


By the end of the process, Pauline was ready to ‘step up’ to her own potential. She had got herself onto a top talent development programme and was a great deal more confident about doing things ‘her way’. She was actively seeking a more senior Director role within the organisation, where specifically there would be the scope for her to make a real difference.

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