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Operations Manager



Frequently the key difference between successful organisations that achieve their business goals and those that do not is the extent to which they invest in the development of their people. It is very important to ensure that the competencies and skills of your people are aligned to your organisational strategy and to generate a positive, collaborative attitude among staff, a sense of ‘pulling together’

An effective development programme can catalyse your success and transform your culture. Some typical outcomes of such programmes could include improving the quality and depth of customer relationships or developing particular skills such as influencing others, creating an impact, or managing performance.

Together we discuss what you wish to achieve and agree on the best way of achieving it. Sometimes this may be through workshops, sometimes through mentoring and coaching, sometimes through internal secondments and individual development programmes. I design and deliver any appropriate workshops you may require. The knowledge and experience of the group is a vital factor in the programme design, and I work closely with you to establish what the expectations of the participants might be. My style is primarily experiential and I seek to utilise the experience of the participants as much as possible in our work together.

Women’s Development

Sometimes the development needs of women and men will vary. Women’s development work in particular will often include issues such as confidence, juggling home and work responsibilities, and being able to say no. The numbers of women in top management is decreasing, and for potential senior staff it can be very helpful to look at situations such as being in a small minority, perceptions of the “glass ceiling” (or as it is now called, the “concrete” ceiling), and about finding the appropriate way into the senior roles. I have considerable experience of working with professional women and enabling them to address such issues.

Experience of Developmental Programmes includes:

NHS – facilitated leadership development programmes for senior staff
PriceWaterhouseCoopers – ran intensive client-centred development workshops for senior internal consultants;
EU funded development programmes for women in SMEs – ran these for 4 years;
Ran a professional women’s development network for 7 years.