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Pattie Horrocks with client

With Pattie's

coaching, I am
rediscovering what
I am all about. It has
reawakened some
things in me that for
some reason over
the years I have put
to one side. I am
now far happier in
myself and my work
and for that I owe
Pattie more than she
can know.

Senior Manager
Major IT plc



The quality of our relationship as coach and coachee will be the most important guide to the level of trust you develop and the benefit you gain from our work together. The process is to clarify what you want, to look at what might be getting in the way of your achieving it and to enable you to clear any blocks you have to your own success. My approach is totally client centred and is both practical and pragmatic, based on your experience and backed up by psychometrics and models as appropriate.

We will always be working towards your desired outcomes which very often change over time. Many clients only come to realise what their real goals are as the coaching progresses. We will explore your strengths, where you get enjoyment in your life and work, what really matters to you, and how you relate to others. I listen to you, question, challenge and support you. I work as an enabler, always seeking to strengthen your own ability to develop yourself and recognise your patterns of behaviour, and I write myself out of the script as soon as is appropriate for you.

Importantly – I am always on your side and help you to find the best way forward for yourself. I have a deep respect for all my clients and a very positive attitude to their potential.

You are likely to experience the benefits my other clients have gained:

A clearer sense of the direction you want to take in your working life and what your next steps will be

Increasing self confidence to trust your own judgment, and take the decisions you really want to take

Insight into your personal leadership style

Greater personal impact and ability to influence others effectively

The coaching relationship

We will start with a complementary face to face session to see if the ‘chemistry’ feels right between us and for you to decide whether you would like to work with me. This is important for us both and key to the success of the coaching.

If we decide to go ahead, the initial commitment is usually for four sessions of 2 hours each, spread over a 3-4 month period. I will send you notes after each session and ask you to complete a reflective task between sessions, in order that our work continues throughout the period. I will guide you towards completion of the initial outcomes and help you go forward with more conviction and confidence. By the time we part company I am confident you will feel excited and energised about your life in the future!

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