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Pattie Horrocks

Pattie has been a

major contributor
to the growth of my
business. She is a
valuable source of
objectivity, challenge
and support and I
really look forward
to our conversations.
She has really
helped me to change
my outlook and
performance and I
am always left with
a feeling of empow-
erment to make
things happen.

MD Software Consultancy



Successful organisations and individuals invest in the development of their own potential.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is an extremely cost effective way of investing in your own future success and accelerating the performance of high achievers in your organisation. Various circumstances may provide the catalyst for you to seek help. You may have reached a crossroads in your life and career where you want to take stock of your situation, have been promoted and be facing new challenges, feel technically competent but lack confidence in managing others. or be running an organisation and have a sense of professional isolation. Excellent people management skills are not simply a ‘nice to have’ but an essential attribute of leadership.

Very often my clients feel they have to make a big change, but it may be small and subtle changes that leverage a greatly increased sense of personal satisfaction and achievement. If your energy is aligned to what you really want to do, you will achieve more with more satisfaction and less effort – ‘less is more’! It may be that you lack the confidence to do things ‘your way’ and need support in achieving this.

Development Programmes

Your organisation may have identified the need to improve your client/customer relationships, to manage difficult issues with greater sensitivity, to communicate more effectively or to listen to each other. I will consult with you and then design and deliver development programmes to address such areas of interpersonal skills and emotional competence.

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