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Change is constant

Many people are facing difficult times in the current economic climate

More than ever we need our own power and courage



It is time to:

Reconnect with yourself

Explore and develop your personal power

Discover the unlimited wellsprings of your courage

Address the blocks that hold you back.

You are warmly invited to come and spend some time with Pattie Horrocks and Mark Thompson in a small group discovering and developing your personal potency and courage muscles.

This is a day of activity and reflection in which the invitation is to not only connect your rational thoughts to action but also to connect to your deeper levels of emotion, physical presence, and will. We will use a variety of approaches including exploring courageous archetypes, metaphor, discussion, reflection and physical experience. It is a day of self-care; not just for now but also for your future. We will create a safe, supportive and productive environment designed to challenge you to actually take the steps you need to to move on. We will explore where you are, what you want, what holds you back, and where you’d like to go.

Mark Thompson works with people and change, both in and out of organisations. His life journey has required, at different times, the exercise of courage in the British Armed Forces, as a mountaineer and skier, as a father and husband, corporate joiner, and more recently in the occupation he feels he should be doing, namely helping others to realise their own power and courage. He founded courageous life in 2008 and continues to bring his own learning edge to his work and life, having taken the decision with his family to live off grid for 8 months a year in the pursuit of reconnection to self and nature, spirit and relationship. He likes to walk his talk – his current edge is learning how to talk his walk…

Pattie Horrocks works as an executive coach, supervisor and change facilitator and has over 20 years experience in a wide range of public, private and not for profit organisations. Her passion for coaching comes from her belief in the value of enabling others to trust their own authenticity in their life and work. She has a particular interest in womens development and co founded and ran a Womens development network for several years. She loves the ‘win win’ of organisations working more effectively as a result of individuals increasing their confidence and skills and bringing more of themselves to work.

Do come. What better time to reach into ourselves and develop our courage?

To reserve your place, please contact me directly,
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